About Us

We are a private psychology clinic with a team of passionate therapists that bring diverse professional training and unique life experiences to our clinical work. We offer face to face and online sessions to access therapy from the convenience of your home.

We are committed to provide therapy in safe, warm, and non-judgmental space. We offer person-centred and evidence-based treatment to live a meaningful life and become the best version of yourself. We work collaboratively to offer you support, guidance, education into your wellbeing journey. We offer services to children (12 yrs and above ) and adults with a range of psychological presentations.

Why Mind Psychology

Telehealth appointments offered

After hour appointments available

Medicare rebate & private health fund accepted

Evidence based interventions

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The Power of Mindfulness: A Tool for Anxiety Relief

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, anxiety has become a common companion for many. The pressures of daily responsibilities, coupled with the uncertainties of the future, can create a fertile ground for anxiety to flourish.  However, amidst this...

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