Mindfulness and Trauma Healing

Mindfulness is rightly enjoying considerable popularity lately. Mindfulness is a practice of non-judgmental awareness of thoughts and feelings as they arise in moment-to-moment experience. Mindful awareness is correlated with increased activity in the prefrontal cortex – the thinking, reasoning part...

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5 ways to improve your mental health

When Simone Biles, the four-time gold medallist American gymnastics Olympian, pulled herself from the competition early on in the 2021 Japan Olympics, many assumed she’d suffered an injury that would stop her from competing. But it wasn’t for a physical...

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Managing COVID-19 anxiety

Here are some ways to nourish your mental health and help curb cabin fever while you stay indoors. Here are some ideas to consider. 1. MAKE A LIST Because our sense of time during the pandemic is distorted, Dr. Michael...

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