Grief and loss

Grief is a natural response to loss. We all will experience grief at some point in our life for example after losing a loved family member or a pet. Grief can be expressed in many ways and can affect your life.

Symptoms of grief can include

  • Poor sleep, low mood and low appetite.
  • High anxiety
  • Feeling of denial, unable to accept that loss has occurred.
  • Feelings of guilt or anger.
  • Mood swings and tearfulness.
  • Worries that not grieving “normally”.

Getting through grief and loss

  • Ask for help.
  • Talk to your family members and friends.
  • Practice self-care – maintain physical health, continue to engage in activities of interest.
  • Validate your emotions around grief and allow yourself to express grief.
  • Join a support group.
  • Remind yourself that grieving can take time. However, if you or someone is feeling overwhelmed with grief, you may benefit from seeking professional help.

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