Relationship issues

Relationships are essential for our emotional well-being. Strong and healthy relationships can improve our mental and physical health. It is normal to experience conflicts in a close or long-term relationship however if the arguments, miscommunication or lack of intimacy continues for an extended period, it can damage our relationship

Warning signs of relationship breakdown

  • Lack of shared interest.
  • Increased arguments and conflicts.
  • Lack of intimacy between partners.
  • Increased arguments around parenting
  • One of you has an addiction issue that might be affecting the relationship.

Good relationship includes

  • Respect, honesty and trust
  • Love and commitment
  • Shared dreams and hopes around the future.
  • Mutual emotional support and intimacy.

Ways to improve your relationship

  • Open communication : be open to your partner’s point of view.
  • Respect :¬†being respectful despite having a conflict with your partner.
  • Stress management : focus on keeping your stress levels down and encourage your partner to engage in pleasurable activities.
  • Develop a shared meaning in your relationship.
  • Celebrate small or big milestones in your relationship.
  • Keep your playfulness, humour and curiosity alive in your relationship.

At Mind Psychology, we can support you by engaging in one-to-one counselling sessions to focus on overcoming your personal issues that might be impacting your relationship such as anger issues or poor communication skills

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